~ The Form of God ~

The “Form” of God (Jn 5:37)

The God Who has no cognizable boundaries (non that finite consciousness can find the beginning of or the end of) does have a “form” that He manifests exclusively in heaven. A “form” is a necessary adaptation to all finite minds (angels or man) for any sense of identification to develop. Not equivalence, but likeness of kind. If there were no central manifestation of God we would always behold ourselves as having no commonality with God. Language that identifies His throne being in heaven also gives credence to notion of *form* or central manifestation of Presence.

That *form* is exclusive to Divinity and only spiritually beheld. No man has ever seen that *form* thus giving rise to the reason why making graven images to connect with God’s immaterial essence is forbidden.

Angels, Jesus said, do always behold the “face” of my Father (Mt 18:10). There accounts of those men who were taken “in the spirit” who have seen that *form* (sans face) and have always been “undone.” A rainbow is almost always seen in connection with the record of those encounters (which is most intriguing, given there is no water present).

We can only imagine what it was like for Jesus to say that the Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do”: for whatever He is doing, these the Son does likewise. For the Father loves (φιλεῖ – not agape) and is showing him all things that He does…” Jn. 5:19, 20.

That the Son of God (as Jesus calls himself v 25) is of the same order of being with God is given to us in the Mt. of Transfiguration. “And was transfigured his (Jesus’) face and did shine as the sun and his raiment was white as the light”. Mt.17:2. Not exactly “sunshine on my shoulder” either.

No matter how one tries to box the ontology of God in with logical or mathematical constructs by His very nature He will always outshine even the most ironclad.

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